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Finding New Ways to Feel Violation: EMDA Final Presentation

[This post is a transcript of my final presentation given July 2, 2015 at the conclusion of Early Modern Digital Agendas: Advanced Topics at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The slides are provided as well, but in PDF form, which truncates the original PP slides a bit. I’ve also included several of the more interesting slides […]

Exam Reading – Titus and the Performance Space of Rape

Rereading Titus concurrent with Lefebvre, helped me generate more questions and ideas related to the spaces of the play, specifically the space (or non-space?) of Lavinia’s rape. In this post I want to think about the space of the rape – the hunting scene and the way the forest is described, but also the offstage […]

Exam Reading – Twelfth Night and “Acting As If”

Twelfth Night is a play full of hypotheticals. The first word of the play, spoken by Orsino, is “if” (1.1.1) and in his closing lines before Feste’s sung epilogue Orsino leaves the audience with a series of hypotheticals: “when that is known, and golden time convents” (5.1.381), “when in other habits you are seen,/ Orsino’s […]

Exam Reading – Offstage Space and Female Discourse

I turned to drama this week and was consistently intrigued by the off-stage action occurring in many of the plays I read. Here I want to think specifically about the intersections between John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi and some of the ideas posed by Luce Irigaray in This Sex Which Is Not One. Webster’s […]

Exam Reading – Psychoanalysis Part 1

What is the problem with psychoanalysis? It seems like there are always scholars/critics arguing that its passé, out-of-style, “we’re over it.” But yet, there are still a fair amount of scholars using it, and using it in really interesting ways. It’s as if any interest in psychoanalysis needs to be a deep dark secret and, […]

(Un)Categorizing Documentary Theatre

In a recent class discussion in my performance theory class on the Cardinal Stage Company’s performance of To Kill A Mockingbird, we started probing problems and questions regarding theater as an archive. I was specifically interested in our discussion of Tom Robinson’s trial (almost the entire second act of the play) and how, during the […]

Joseph Roach and Richard II (?)

I want to use this post more as a brainstorming session to work out an idea that’s been circling in my brain (spinning, if you will) since I read the introduction to Joseph Roach’s Cities of the Dead this past weekend. In my Shakespeare and Political Philosophy course this semester, we’ve been reading Richard II. […]