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Networking Women: Digital Tools and the Archive

Yesterday I gathered with a fantastic team of fellow IU Bloomington early modern scholars for a satellite session of the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Networking Women event. The event proved incredibly satisfying – nationwide efforts, based at Carnegie Mellon and several satellite locations, resulted in 117 new person entries, 225 new relationship links, and […]

Finding New Ways to Feel Violation: EMDA Final Presentation

[This post is a transcript of my final presentation given July 2, 2015 at the conclusion of Early Modern Digital Agendas: Advanced Topics at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The slides are provided as well, but in PDF form, which truncates the original PP slides a bit. I’ve also included several of the more interesting slides […]

Defining Culture via Performance – Roach and Kirshenblatt-Gimblett?

Preface: This is a meandering post. In reading Kirshenblatt-Gimblett’s chapter for my performance theory class a few weeks ago, I found myself constantly writing “Roach?” in the margins. I thought it was about time to get some of these swirling ideas out and attempt to articulate the connections I want to make between these two […]

Digital Humanities as an Alternative to Textocentrism?

Lately in my performance theory class we’ve been talking about what Dwight Conquergood calls “textocentrism” or “scriptocentrism” – essentially, the priority of text in our methods for recording/ analyzing/ discussing/ responding to/ etc. objects of analysis. Our conversations have been interesting, but difficult, as we attempt to articulate ways to perform these actions in response to […]

The Space of the “Script”

While reading Robin Bernstein’s “Dances with Things: Material Culture and the Performance of Race” for my performance theory class last week, I was especially struck by her use of the word “script.”She defines it several times throughout her article. 1. “I use the term script as a theatrical practitioner might: to denote an evocative primary substance […]