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New Aestheticism and Early Modern Anatomy

For several weeks I’ve been musing on the concept of new aestheticism, thanks to a particularly gripping talk Justin Hodgson gave at our Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities meeting in late March. Hodgson outlined new aestheticism for those of us in the room new to the concept (as I was). Originally (and loosely) defined […]

Networking Women: Digital Tools and the Archive

Yesterday I gathered with a fantastic team of fellow IU Bloomington early modern scholars for a satellite session of the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Networking Women event. The event proved incredibly satisfying – nationwide efforts, based at Carnegie Mellon and several satellite locations, resulted in 117 new person entries, 225 new relationship links, and […]

Exam Reading – Titus and the Performance Space of Rape

Rereading Titus concurrent with Lefebvre, helped me generate more questions and ideas related to the spaces of the play, specifically the space (or non-space?) of Lavinia’s rape. In this post I want to think about the space of the rape – the hunting scene and the way the forest is described, but also the offstage […]

Exam Reading – Closet Dramas and Representations of Affect

Closet dramas have been part of my sketchy mental dissertation outline since I began the exam reading process. I’ve always been intrigued by this genre and the particular way it invites readers to confront performance, often purely within the realm of imagination. After finally reading some closet dramas for my exams, along with Marta Straznicky’s […]

Exam Reading – What Is Love?

In 1691 a reader of John Dunton’s Athenian Mercury (also called Athenian Gazette and Casuistical Mercury) posed this question for the periodical’s writers: “What is love?” Since the question was included in one of the early issues of the periodical dedicated solely to “ladies’ questions,” we can presume that this question was, indeed, posed by […]