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Mistaken Rhetoric: Cavendish’s Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy

Our reading group this week tackled Margaret Cavendish’s Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy (1666). Since I started reading Cavendish (many years ago, now), I’ve always been struck by her prefatory material—first, just the sheer amount of it for any given text and, second, her emphasis on mistakes. Many of her prefaces include warnings and comments on […]

“Productive Time” and Poetic Inheritance: Contemporary Queer Theory and Aemilia Lanyer?

It’s raining. Hard. There’s been a flood watch in Bloomington for two days now. But I’m home, warm, with a cup of tea and some ideas I want to write up. There’s something really cozy about being inside blogging, looking out the window on a rainy day. It’s right up there on my list of […]