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New Aestheticism and Early Modern Anatomy

For several weeks I’ve been musing on the concept of new aestheticism, thanks to a particularly gripping talk Justin Hodgson gave at our Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities meeting in late March. Hodgson outlined new aestheticism for those of us in the room new to the concept (as I was). Originally (and loosely) defined […]

Finding New Ways to Feel Violation: EMDA Final Presentation

[This post is a transcript of my final presentation given July 2, 2015 at the conclusion of Early Modern Digital Agendas: Advanced Topics at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The slides are provided as well, but in PDF form, which truncates the original PP slides a bit. I’ve also included several of the more interesting slides […]

Spinning with the Digital: EMDA Reflections

I’ve spent the last two weeks at the Folger Shakespeare Library‘s Early Modern Digital Agendas, this summer’s NEH-funded institute on advanced digital humanities topics. With only a few days left, I’m trying to start the process of reflecting on this amazing opportunity and more thoroughly processing the huge amounts of information we’ve been introduced to […]

A Blog Facelift

Well, after a much too long hiatus, I am officially breaking my blogging-fast. As you can see, I started the new year off with a bit of a blog facelift. The old theme was just too elegant. It made me feel as if every post had to be as equally momentous and graceful as my […]