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Professionalization: How Much is Too Much?

I’ve been following a lot of different academic blogs lately. It started with some digital humanities related ones for my independent study research this semester (winedarksea.org, ullyot.ucalgaryblogs.ca, matthewjockers.net, mediacommons.futureofthebook.org). But then I heard about some other ones from fellow grad students and started following those (Tenured Radical, Madwoman with a Laptop, ProfHacker, The Professor Is In). […]

My New Love Affair: Digital Humanities

I recently attended a workshop on the Digital Humanities given by the new Digital Humanities initiative Catapult here at IUB. I arrived with absolutely zero knowledge about what the field of Digital Humanities is and how it might be useful in my future. I left feeling like Digital Humanities might be a major part of […]