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Exam Reading – Twelfth Night and “Acting As If”

Twelfth Night is a play full of hypotheticals. The first word of the play, spoken by Orsino, is “if” (1.1.1) and in his closing lines before Feste’s sung epilogue Orsino leaves the audience with a series of hypotheticals: “when that is known, and golden time convents” (5.1.381), “when in other habits you are seen,/ Orsino’s […]

The Space and Time of Performance: Foucault’s “Heterotopia”

I’ve been rereading Michel Foucault’s “Different Spaces” for a paper I’ve been working on and reading it after having read some of the texts for my performance theory class, I’m finding some interesting new connections. This is part of my favorite part of being a graduate student…rereading something even a few months after first reading […]